Message from the Consul General

Dear Webpage Visitor,

Welcome and Namaskar !

I am very happy to welcome you in this portal. This encapsulates a variety of useful information about Consulate General of Nepal in Kolkata, the services it offers, Nepal and its trade and investment related potentials, the relationship between Nepal and India and so on.

Kolkata, a cultural capital of India, always stays at my heart. Here I feel  cherished! Every single minute is joyce and momentous !

Going back to our history, our fathers and great fathers used to come down Kolkata to have education and other opportunities. Our two major political parties were born in Kolkata. Industrialization and business of modern Nepal were hugely inspired from Kolkata. Big clicks in literature and arts of Nepalese society had been observed to have triggered from the illustrious Bengal renaissance and subsequent developments in this part of the planet.

Of Nepal this Consulate General is one of the earliest missions set up in the year 1948 AD. Our jurisdiction looks after West Bengal. Apart of ordinary diplomatic business we keep ourselves engaged in facilitating the trade and transit with respect to boosting the Nepal’s trade mainly with Third Countries.

Nepal and India enjoy excellent bilateral relations, which has been very close, comprehensive and multidimensional in effect for centuries. Formal diplomatic relation between the two countries began since 17 June 1947.

With this round up, I do hope you will find ample information and linkages during your virtual visit.

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Eaknarayan Aryal
Consul General
Consulate General of Nepal,
Kolkata, West Bengal.